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Lightbulb Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Yeah , my first character i just rushed throu EQ2 without exploring or enjoying the game i was all for wack and slash lol , big loss of me there is so much more fun if you do it slow pace explore and do stuff.

Guild Wars is a must have you don't need monthly pay you can keep it and play whenever you feel like it (something like online shooter CS have a doze of fun daily), but its arcade type of RPG game , not complex little to do , mainly PvP once you level up , quests and missions are very simple straith forward , but PvP is like combat zones pretty fun you can fight people from other nations , Asians, Europians ect in groups not solo . Graphics are nice and slick but not dynamic as EQ2 offcourse.

Whoever playd WoW could tell us about it ?
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