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Default Re: Re: GF4 Ti 4400 Twinview and Console

Originally posted by foot
Thanks Archie. The metamode workaround is working for me.

I have gotten a few responses from elsewhere and they are blaming an "acknowledged bug" "conflict b/n the console framebuffer and the Nvidia driver."
I have also read of other problems with X, Nvidia, and the Console frame buffer.
This seems credible to me.. and I am running a console FB.. but now for the newbie question: How do I disable the console framebuffer so I can test this?
Very strange...I accidentally found another workaround for that bug. Now I can switch between the console and my X session, without switching to a single-screen metamode first.

I haven't tried to reproduce this, so YMMV...First, I booted straight into the console (unchecking the "boot straight into X" option in drakconf - I'm using Mandrake, but your distro should have a similar option).
I logged in as root at the login prompt. Then, I made a mistake and instead of typing "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0" (to get my BIOS version) I typed in "cat /dev/nvidia0"

I got back an error message, but then the console appeared, duplicated, on my second TwinView monitor. Since then, I can toggle between my TwinView X session and the console with Alt+Ctrl+F1, without switching to a single-monitor metamode first! (Though the console no longer appears duplicated on the second monitor when I do so...)

Interesting, to say the least...
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