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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Originally Posted by Highlynder77
I have a question. I'm getting ready to build a new system and get a new card. Currently I have an ATI 9600XT and it runs EQ2 pretty good...some lag in heavy spell graphics, but its playable. Now, should I wait till they fix the issue with the 6800GT, because its on my list to buy when I upgrade, and just use what I have now for a while longer or buy the 6800 and take the chance that these suggestions will fix any problems I have?

Personally if I was building a PC today, I'd hold out for a couple more weeks. See if there is a fix for this game with the 6800 series and go from there. The other alternative is if there isn't a fix at the time of purchasing I'd diffently go the X800XT(PE) PCI-E route that monarch is claiming to have in the 3rd week of DEC. just my .02$

Edit, also there is word of 512mb cards right around the corner, may want to check in to it.
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