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Talking Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
You must be playing the game at lower settings then me since the game can take up more then 700MB's for me at times. Maybe im rendering more then you... my draw distance is pretty high up (pushed it farther then default).
Did some more testing and highest reached was almoust 900MBs , High Quality setting , textures to max , Specular Lights off , Shadows almoust all off except for one. in a city with players running FPS ~25 rangeing to 70 when not looking very far out with lotsa action . But yeah 1 Gig is not enough i noticed going from High textures to Max adds 100 megs or so (World Textures alone), so riseing setting higher in big zones can add up , but if you got 2 gigs of ram with Pageing Off its no problem at all.
EQ2 did force me to get extra gig of ram .
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