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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Reviews are garbage. Just take all the Fable reviews in to consideration. What a joke. lol

Anyways, as much as I like EQ2 and as much as I don't want to because of the time I got invested in this game I may go buy WOW and cancell my EQ2 account for the time being and let them get the beta stage worked out. There's just no excuse for the issues with the type of systems a lot of us have and it's obveious that most people are knowledgable when it comes to PC maintaince.

I mean come on, last night I was fighting mobs on the lowest setting possible and it was still horrible. lol

there's nothing more I hate in the world of PC gaming is day in and day out tring to figure out work around solutions when all I should be doing is playing a polished finished product. Espiecially since everyother game on my HDD runs fine.

So, I'll keep an eye on the EQ2 forums, see if that get their **** together.
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