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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

WoW was made by Blizzard. That's all I needed to know when I bought the game.

I usually hate MMO's because they're slow going time sinks, but WoW changed that. No xp loss on death, no long "meditation" between fights, constant cool drops and upgrades. A deep backstory from years of games, novels, and the tabletop RPG. And that great Blizzard sense of style and humor everywhere. There's nothing in it that's not fun. Heck, they even made dying fun! You get to run around as a ghost that walks on water!
Sure the graphics are not as high tech as EQ2, but Blizzard used them to make a work of art. EQ2 looks shiney and dull in comparison. And WoW runs ultra-smooth at 1600x1200 full aa and aniso...and no load points! Sure it looks a lil toony, but I'd rather watch a beautiful, artistically animated cartoon than a crappy movie. And you fall in love with WoW's style after the first hour or so. Besides, Gameplay is what counts and WoW is far superior to EQ2 in that department. Bumpmapped dragons are just lipstick on a pig, man!

WoW is the best MMO ever made, hands down.

BTW: someone should have "baught" some english!
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