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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

I can understand you being frustrated Mustrum,

You can disbelieve me if you like. It runs well on my system for whatever the reason. I do not get hitching, stuttering or any of those things by other names. Yes, cities and lots of effects will drop FPS.

Again the worst times for me were when I first started on AB due to server latency, not my machine. Good luck getting the issue hammered out.

Originally Posted by mustrum
Look at my sig first:
I run at 1152x854
No shadows
cube map at single
complex shaders at 20
rendering distance at 300
max 4 high detail characters
no bloom
high texture resolution

as you see i have quite a lot stuff disabled.
I get between 25 and 60 FPS while running around in antonica and 10 to 20 FPS while fighting. In Blackburrow i dropped as low as 6 FPS.
It's NOT my settings since i tried out an old 9800 PRO that runs SMOOTH at the same settings in the same system.
Also reformated so it's no driver issue.

Then again there's evil stuttering even when i am in a spot with nothing around and 60 FPS.....

If it runs smooth for you you closed your eyes or are happy to fight in the sub 20 FPS area. I've not seen a 6800 owner that could show me proof of getting good FPS while fighting yet.
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