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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

OMG did I just waste $50. 20 minutes of WOW and I want fall asleep.

There's absolutly no(mind you in comparison of EQ2) charcter choices, no character design(everyone looks the same) graphics pale to eq and I feel like I'm playing a disney game, interface isn't as good as EQ2. Physics where cartoonish. The only advantage my quick take is WOWs sound was much better and it's colorful.

Wow(no pun lol), did this game open my eyes for what all EQ2 is. I now know why eq to runs so bad, it's truely a next generation game graphically. I'll play on the lowest graphic setting of eq until some patchs fix the performance problem.

Thankyou blizzard.
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