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Default Re: Asus Card... Don't know what type it is..Help

FX5500 its a cheaper revision of the NV34 core. It's clocked at 270MHz core, 200MHz (400 DDR) RAM, 128 bit bus usually.

3D Performance is on par with a GeForceMX 440 (~7500 3DMarks01). Antialias performance is much improved, though, and can reach, if not surpass, hi-end GeForces 4.

Like the rest of the early NV3x architecture, it's a good PS 1.1-1.3 performer (it still retains 4 FX12 combiners/ALUs that can execute some arithmetic instructions at twice the clock rate) but rather weak with PS 1.4-2.0, even more since Nvidia halved the FP capabilities on 5200/5500/5600 models. A decent card, imho and 30 is a good price. You can find in the rest of Europe such cards at ~60Euro
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