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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

I'd definitely have to say WoW. The primary reason is for customer service. SOE has some of the worst CSRs ever. I've been playing SWG since it came out. I am going to move over to WoW to join other guild members as soon as I can find a copy in stock anywhere. (My hometown is retarded the sales clerk at Staples told me they were only releasing enough copies to fill the servers and that was it. *my only 2 options for buying games in town is staples or walmart)

What has impressed me most with WoW is the fact that they are being relentless in banning exploiters. I recall 2 incidents with a credit dupe in swg. The first one the CSRs were literally chasing a player around in game trying to catch up to his avatar as he dumped 500 million credits onto people he passed by. It was quite comical and sad at the same time. Those credits ruined the economy. The second time there was a credit dupe they banned innocent merchants with no re-imbursement for simply having someone buy something from their vendor using duped credits. WoW has already been avidly banning exploiters and has even given extensions for poor service. An extension for the poor service is something SOE has never done. I've seen servers down for almost an entire day because they couldn't impliment a patch properly.

So my reasons for choosing WoW are basically to contiue playing with my guild from swg and for the customer service. That is as soon as I find a copy.
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