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Default Re: 3DMARK05 Poll results!!

Originally Posted by Eltigre88
There are alot of overclockers out there. Is it worth it?
I guess it depends largely on where you're clocking from and to whether it's worth it or not. Personally it's practically a lifestyle. I think it's worth it, but for a lot of people it's probably more for show/fun than actual practical use.

Converting video/audio files, it makes quite a significant difference whether my cpu is running @ 3.4 or @ 4.4 Ghz. Overclocking a videocard usually has little to no real life effect IMHO. I usually only overclock my videocard for benchmarks unless I can feel the difference in a game. I play @ 1600x1200 with as much FSAA and AF I can get while maintaining playable framerates. Even at this resolution I can't honestly say that I can feel the difference between overclocked and stock videocard speed, except on a few rare occasions.
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