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Default Re: ATI's most secret Linux development tool revealed!

Originally Posted by cgdef
Well you can keep on ragging on ATI but the truth is that if it wasn't for them Nvidia would have never tried as hard as they did to keep their position in the business. Oh, and it is compleatelly untrue that nvidia cards are so much more superior than ati's.

PS. I'd still like to get my hands on a 6800 Ultra though ... that is if I could afford it and find one.
Actually, ATI has done nothing to spur nVidia to develop better Linux drivers. It was Matrox, 3dfx, and heh, 3dlabs. The only drivers that suck worse in Linux today are 3dfx's, however feature wise 3dfx's linux drivers are still quite competitive to the dilapidated pile of filth/trash that ATI has shovelled upon their users.

In fact, the open source community develops drivers faster than ATI can for the 8500 hardware. The opensourced drivers for the 8500 completely blow fglrx out of the water for all R2x0 cards.

This is how bad ATI's suckage is with this area.

Oh no, ATI gets no credit for nVidia's drivers. Matrox and 3DLabs do, and in fact so does nVidia-customers.

WRT saying "Oh nVidia cards are not THAT much superior to ATI's blah blah"
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