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Default Re: Chronicles of Riddick how is it?

Originally Posted by jAkUp
What does the 2.0++ add? Should I pick this game up guys? I have never ever played it, what is it similar to? Is it linear, does it have scripted scenes, etc.
Are you kidding ! YOU SHOULD PICK IT ASAP !
this game is on par with Doom3/HL2/FC IMO if not better .
it has some cool features other than great graphics like (i'll just mention some i noticed so far) :

1) Hand-to-hand combat . yes! this is the first game to use that style & its awesome !
2) You can pick up differnet ways to complete an objective (just like DuesEX:IW for ex.) .
3) Secondary objectives that eventaully helps you through out the game .
4) You can use stealth or direct combat . each has its own advantages & disadvantages.
5) You can trade , chat & interact with NPCs in Riddick . you dont just run through corridors killing everyone !

as for SM2.0++ it simply turn all hard shadows in game to soft shadows . while that makes the game looks even greater , it takes a large performance hit that makes it unplayable in current hardware .
this feature is for 6800 cards only & of course future cards

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