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Default Re: Chronicles of Riddick how is it?

Originally Posted by NAZCA M12
*thud* Really? Can you take advantage of the shadows and stuff? Broadly speaking, how well does it work? I'm getting very interested at this
Yes i can say that you can use the shadows to sneak around .. its not as advanced as Thief3 though!
you can switch to the stealth mode when pressing the crouching button .. well it seems to me that being in the shadows makes you harder to detect .
& to make you drool further more .. when in stealth mode you can excute differnet stealth attacks when appraoching the enemy from behind . some of them are quite silent & other a bit loud (like neck cracking ) & thats either by bare hands or other melee weapons

of course being in stealth mode gives you an advantage to avoid direct fights/alarms/guards etc ..

Oh & you can hide corpses just like Thief .

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