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Default Re: nVidia techdemo's running slow on my 6800 !?

Hey all,

I'd like to add my story in hopes to solve others that own a 6800 NU and expirence very slow performance with Nalu.

With my old settings, I found that I could run Nalu 6600 at around 10FPS and felt that this was a bit slow. When I tried to run Nalu 6800, my machine choaked big time and ran it at about 1 frame ever 3 seconds! No, that's not an exaggeration. It was a slide show and my system ran so slow, that I could use any of the menus. What I found strange is that Doom III (also an OpenGL app) ran great.


After searching some of these Nvidia forums, I found one suggestion that worked perfectly. It was so simple too.

1. Change your AGP apature size to 256MB (for systems with 512+ system memory)
2. Disable fastwrites.

OMG! Let me tell you that those two little steps changed everything. Now my 6800 gets around or over 20FPS in "Nalu 6800" and I'm running 30+ in "Nalu 6600"

I just thought I should share this for anyone else having problems with very slow Nvidia demo performance.
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