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Default Geforce4 440 8x Direct X rebooting computer

Only had this problem in the last couple of weeks,
I installed direct x 9.0b and could run everything fine, until i moved house, were it reboots every time i try to run a game (other then Rome TW!!) or Solitare.. although these might be fun, i am getting bored with this.
On Start up the screen flickers, goes black and then expands out again.

Reinstalling windows and downloading every new driver and installing it. Forceware 66.93, Direct X 9.0c, M/B drivers (4in1436a), Audio (ViaAudio140a) Installed Rome TW and then tried European Air War (as its an old game) and bang computer reboots.
uninstalled the new forceware drivers (66.93) and went back to 56.56 that came with Battlefield Vietnam, no change.
Have also tried 61.77 that i was running before all this started.
Uninstalled Direct X 9.0c using an uninstaller that says its goes back to the defualt XP direct X 8. (though there was an error.. and now dxdiag wont load so im kinda screwed).

I first thought it was over heating but its not. Even from cold start up it does this.
Has my GF4 gone to the big silicon heaven in the sky?
I have some what gone to war with my computer here... so any help would useful. (Reinstalling is an option, as ive just done that so ive got nothing to lose)

Athlon XP 1800+
M/B AK32V2.1
Geforce 4 440mx 8x
Win XP Pro (not SP2)
350W P/S
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