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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Pretty obvious this game is cpu limited with ram also playing a significant role.

I guess that's why maybe i'm not ready for it because my system isn't. If i can't play the game with at least a combo of balanced and high quality but more so balanced, then for me there's no point. I'm a gamer that wants to be visually stimulated aswell as enjoy the gameplay. I didn't break the piggy bank for the 6800gt so i could play a game that doesn't look better than something i played a few years ago and then at half the frames.

I have an a64, 6800gt, 1 gig ram. I'll probably start playing this game when i do the big upgrade to dual core cpu'd and 2 gig ram.

Yes, all those wads who think i'm not a true gamer can now flame me.
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