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Hi azazello,

Ah, ok, i know what you mean. But this gives you two logical Xscreens and and disables the TwinView Option, where you get one single Xscreen (i got only one board with two monitors connected). I tried some things out tonight and always ran into the same errors. The only applications that starts properly is houdini. ut2003 crashes nearly every second time (sometimes right at the beginning, sometimes in the middle of the game). Normal 2d rendering is no problem. Programs i compile with any window toolkit fail, even glut and Xm (beside fltk,qt and gtk). Seems I have to write to nvidia and wait for the next round of drivers (hopefully they'll fix this).

The builtin Xinerama extensions seems not very stable yet - so my only solution for now is to switch back to the old drivers and wait for new ones.

severin - did you read about the
Option "UseInt10Module" "boolean"
in the readme, this one may help you.

thanks for reply, cu seba
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