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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Bare with me if this is a complete mess but been busy with work and I only have a few to answer you.


Armor and outfits are bland.
Damn, man. Have you seen any of the armor in the game? The higher level you go, the more impressive the armor looks. There was a level 60 Dwarf Warrior wandering about Iron Forge the other day, and ******* that's the best looking player character I've seen in any game, especially a MMORPG.
Dated technical graphics(hense the reason it runs so smooth).
It's a new engine for WoW. It's not dated.
The animation is horrible IMO. The way the characters walk, jump, battle is just to cheesy. Just not my style. IMO the ticket to the atmoshere of this game is the music. Very well done.
There's music in WoW? Again, animations are another thing that Blizzard have done better than any other MMORPG that I've seen. It all just oozes with style.
EQ2 is detail, it's like the simulator of MMOs. From the minute you start the game you can see the depth of it. Character classes are many to choose from and character creation is the deepest of any game. You'll be hard pressed to find another player looking exactly like you or a npc for that matter.
I suppose this is part of your MMORPG newbieness showing, but why does this matter? When you've got a really good group going through an instance where your group is only just able to do it and you're having an incredible time because the game mechanics, (the part that matters in this sort of game) these sort of things become very quickly irrelevant.
Some(99% those who haven't played) say eq2 has no atmosphere, I'd have to disagree. All be it not super colorful(only thing wow got going for it), it's is extremly rich with detail and very alive(even at medium settings which i play). Leaves falling from trees, schools of fish, cats chasing mice in the cities, dogs chasing cats, heards of deers, mobs running through towns and npc fighting them off, flocks of butterflies, flora that interacts with you be moving out of the way when you run through it, moving skys and plenty more.
Except for the flora interacting with the player, this is all in WoW, too .
Then on top of the livelyness it's super detailed. Beautiful textures that bring the game alive. Stone that creates the castles look like real stone, bark on the trees is beautfully done, ever changing stone pathways, beautful in game lighting, armour that look like armor. Spell effects are amazing and absoluty gorgous when casted, characters have facial expressions that change with mood and battleing, Music and sounds that complemnet the mood well etc, etc, etc, .
This is all good stuff, but my choice of MMORPG wouldn't hinge on any of this, and perhaps at the moment it would put me off of it. My system isn't awfully quick, (Athlon XP 2800+, 5900XT, 512MB RAM) and I fear that I would be able to hear little sobs coming from that beige case to my left.
Then there's the depth argument, again playing both eq2 when this department, there's just so much more with the amount of abilities of skills, different crafting systems and the way you go about crafting, grouping stragities, etc.
This is the part that I was hoping you could write your post on, and it was squashed into one sentence...
btw, both of these games are my first 2 MMOs so I'm not a fanboy of either.
Alright. It sounds like you're a graphics fanboy thought (not that there's anything wrong with that, I just feel it's not exactly important for this sort of game. Have a look at Ultima Online).

Speaking of WoW. I'm going back to it for more. I'm a level 31 Priest at the moment. Loving the game more and more all the time, and not because of the graphics.

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