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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2


I tried ChrisRay's little cube map tweak and eq2(THANX DOOD) is a lot more fun to play now.
I was just really frustrated with spending all my time changing display settings and no time playing the actual game.

On that note.. they are both Great games.. But both are very different. You cant really compare one to the other since they are so much different in approach and style.

You can compare the people that each game draws though. I have noticed that EQ2 caters more towards mature, older gamers and WOW draws the counterstrike crowd. By counterstrike i mean you can hardly understand what any of them are saying with all the teh, lol, L33t, rofl, r0xxorz etc getting said everywhere. Plus it seems like the game should have been called World of linen or linencraft since for the first 15 levels that is all you hear about in the chat. linen this, linen that..

So i say if you have the money, get both!

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