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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

I own both and I was in the EQ 2 beta for a few months. After playing both now for a while I can say without a doubt that WOW is more fun. Graphics are important oviously but EQ 2 lacks good artwork. Blizzard more than makes up for the less advanced engine with the artwork though. EQ 2 looks very very bland and just bleh while WOW is very colorful and just grabs your attention. Also EQ 2 feels like a job just like EQ 1 does. WOW does not feel like a job for me and is way more fun. The biggest gripe I have with EQ 2 other than the fact that it runs like total ass yet does not look the part is the fact that the classes are not diverse enough. They took balance too far and there is just not enough variety with the classes. Even though WOW does not have as many classes as EQ 2 does you do not feel like you are playing a watered down version of another class ect ect. I decided to cancel my EQ 2 account and go full force with WOW as I trust Blizzard far more than I can ever trust SOE. I already see things creeping through into EQ 2 that make me say "I guess after all this time SOE still has not learned".

Just so folks know I have some time with
Ultima online
EQ 1 and 2
Asherons Call 1 and 2
Anarchy Online (right at launch unfortunately)

Out of all those WOW looks the most promising to me. Blizzard knows how to do quality games. SOE just finds a cash cow and runs it into the ground.

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