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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

sorry, but WoW is not built for the future, everything is has is something ripped off from prior MMORPGs, whereas EQ2 is inventing new ways to play the game, and to increase player interactivity. WoW's graphics ARE dated, EQ2's characters have more polygons in their hands than WoW does in their WHOLE character model. WoW's shading resembles that of EQ1 quality. Spells aren't big and awesome looking, even EQLive had that. Bump mapping is nowhere in site in WoW, celestial phases of the moon in EQ2...WoW has that? where? Heat shimmer in EQ2 to make heat in deserts and fire spells / effects look realistic; don't see that in WoW. When it rains in EQ2, especially in commonlands, the ground becomes shiny and wet looking and stone giants begin to shine because of the wetness, footsteps change to the sound of walking in mud. Sorry if I come off as mean and arguementative, but it's impossible to even COMPARE EQ2's graphics to WoW's. Maybe compare WoW's to EQLive's (EQ1) post-luclin

Did I mention that when you cast spells near or in water, you can see the reflection of the spells in the water? And when swimming in the ocean, patches of white mist surround you when you're swimming. Let's not forget EQ2's lip-synced voice-overs.

I do like WoW's graphics, given the engine they had, but when you look at that, and then go to say...Thundering Steppes or somewhere in Qeynos in EQ2, it definetely grabs my attention more than WoW's cities / zones do. I wish EQ2 had more open zones though

really quick, here's what im talking about.

alot of polygons...

err, 100?

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