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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Ok guys, I'm having a more serious issue.

Performance, even with WOW and my 6800gt.

Frequenting Rage3d I reading through some of their WOW threads I noticed that a lot of the X800XT guys saying that they are getting 50 - 75fps at 1600x1200, 6x aa, 16af and all in game sliders maxed.

Well, if I run my GT at 1280x1064, 6xS aa, 16xaf, most sliders all the way up(not all mind you) I ws averaging 15-20fps.

Which worries me, because I'm not getting the best of performance from eq2.

Can any of you guys playing wow use fraps and just kind of give me an estimate, at max settings at that resolution pllease? Thanks.
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