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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt
go back to page 3 and take a look at tyr-sogs 1st picture, that should just about sum it all up, actually ill post it again for those who missed it

I know most of here are gfx junkies and love kool effects, this pic just sums it all up, look at that lighting


Yeah, in all honesty it is truly the first game that I have played that I personally call a true next generation game. The detail(which IMO creats atmosphere) is amazing. More so then Doom3(i haven't played HL2, don't plan on to, so won't go there).

Thats not taking anything away from wow, it's beautiful, it's just not in eq2 league technically.

and like you said, the majority of us are here with 300-$600 graphic cards because we graphic *****s. lol
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