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shutdown now ;
make -j4 buildworld && ;
make kernconf="NAME-OF-KERNEL" buildkernel && ;
make kernconf="NAME-OF-KERNEL" installkernel && ;
make installworld ;

after the beauty known as cvsup and a custom kernel config written up, those five lines will pretty much get your custom kernel going (i wrote it as an executable script about 9 months ago and not seen it since, so i may have gotten its order wrong - it is also late at night in australia, and like every computer nerd, i am very sleep deprived)

with the detonator 4 drivers for the IA32 (build 4191), IA64 (build 4050) and AMD64 (build 4180) linux platforms already released, i am waiting for the FreeBSD revision to come out as well (at least build 4191 - maybe higher). i cant wait to get my Linux XSI license working under BSD
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