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Lightbulb Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Well, to be honest, that wasn't all that spectacular of a screenshot from World of Warcraft. There are plenty of areas in the game that are a lot more impressive looking than that. Notably, the entrance to Stormwind City or the Undercity. I realize the EQ 2 shot wasn't all that great but to be honest I thought it was pretty representative of what you see in the game. "Dull" is the word I would use to best describe the artwork in EQ2.
Becouse both games are completely different EQ2 was made to look more realistic with real proportional character bodys (offcourse its still a game and doesn't look real neither does HalfLife2 ), not WoW Fantazy over colored elefant ears elfs , not that i don't like Fantasy or something , but calling one bad art becouse its not cartoonish toon and another discovery of America is plain wrong and bias. If you don't like plain colored Hummer and prefer your Ten color Ferrari does that make Hummer are crap ? don't think so.
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