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Default Re: MDK10 - Asus 6800 Ultra - 6629 drivers - no games work

Originally Posted by e-gore
Thanks for the input chrismortimore !

From what I gather, the installer recognizes the card because it has a "pre-compiled interface" it uses. I have no idea how to force it to compile one. Does anybody else ?


Have installed the new ArmyOps-2.2.1
I no longer get a black screen of death the second time I run it, but I still get random freezing. (machine completly locks up)

Sometimes when I run it, the video is all shagged (but recognizable) and I have to re-start X

UT2004 update - I played two maps with no probs the other night, but when I went to exit, I got a screen full of crap. I could still shell in and reboot though, so the machine hadn't frozen.

I am slowly getting there. I am hoping that by the first anniversary of buying the card it may actually work. It will of course be obsolete by then.

This little black duck will definitely never be buy cutting edge hardware again (at least not off Nvidia)

The GF4-Ti4600 in my other machine is still solid as a rock and never had a problem.
Well, that could be due to the fact that it's a Geforce 6800 Ultra. I was unable to get one here in Australia, and the reason was, that they were sent back to Nvidia, due to chipset problems. I ended up, going out and getting the 6800GT and it runs flawlessly.. (But I really wanted the Ultra)

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