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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I am playing WoW atm again. Dunno which I will end up playing in the long run. Everquest 2 is a fun, beautiful and immersive game. But I dont feel the game is finished, WoW on the other hand I dont believe is gonna have the lasting appeal EQ 2 has..

Cant decide.. very turmoiled over these 2 games and too cheap to pay for them both..

I'm beginning to find myself in the same situation. Although eq2 is more my type with its, advanced gameplay, art style and atmosphere it really is just like you said a unfinished game. Broken sounds, huge fps drops, hdd swapping and stutters arn't helping out on the decision of playing it right now. I have my second character in eq2, a lvl 12 soccorer in which I have soloed with so far. Even by myself at balanced settings(no shadows/flora going off the graphic guide) when I cast a spell on a mob my fps shoot almost to single digits. It hampers game play imo. It's the same with my lvl 27 Ranger and group battling, spells are casted and it's a damn slide show.

I may just put eq2 on hold for a few months and toy around with wow. Overall it's a fun game, just doesn't suck me in like eq2. Feels like a MMOplatformer. Maybe SOE will have some nice patches in a month or 2.
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