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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by lognoronon
If you do have all the sliders to the max that would explain why you are having problems. One of the sliders is for the terrain viewing distance. If it's maxed out it will destroy your performance big time and it's in no way even needed. I can see far and I only have it halfway.

Wells here's the thing. I went up last night and picked up X800XT(second time I did this, ugh also did it with eq2 to see the difference). Swapped cards and played WOW and sure enough, with the same exact settings, 1280x1064, 6xaa(instead of 4x), 16xaa, and all the in game settings untouched from when set with the 6800gt and my FRAPS counter doesn't move off of 60fps(vsync cap). So not only am I finding a huge peformance difference in eq2, also super huge in wow. So either my GT is borked or the X800XT is slapping the **** out of the GT.
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