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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Wells here's the thing. I went up last night and picked up X800XT(second time I did this, ugh also did it with eq2 to see the difference). Swapped cards and played WOW and sure enough, with the same exact settings, 1280x1064, 6xaa(instead of 4x), 16xaa, and all the in game settings untouched from when set with the 6800gt and my FRAPS counter doesn't move off of 60fps(vsync cap). So not only am I finding a huge peformance difference in eq2, also super huge in wow. So either my GT is borked or the X800XT is slapping the **** out of the GT.

That is extremely odd.. I am loving WoW performance. Playing the game in Darnassus @ 1280x1024 with 4xAA/16xAF (quality) with only trilinear opts enabled and getting very smooth gameplay))

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I'm beginning to find myself in the same situation. Although eq2 is more my type with its, advanced gameplay, art style and atmosphere it really is just like you said a unfinished game. Broken sounds, huge fps drops, hdd swapping and stutters arn't helping out on the decision of playing it right now. I have my second character in eq2, a lvl 12 soccorer in which I have soloed with so far. Even by myself at balanced settings(no shadows/flora going off the graphic guide) when I cast a spell on a mob my fps shoot almost to single digits. It hampers game play imo. It's the same with my lvl 27 Ranger and group battling, spells are casted and it's a damn slide show.

I may just put eq2 on hold for a few months and toy around with wow. Overall it's a fun game, just doesn't suck me in like eq2. Feels like a MMOplatformer. Maybe SOE will have some nice patches in a month or 2.
My other problem with EQ 2 atm is the content is kinda poorly designed and layed out. Compare Commonlands to Antonica. Antonica has a much better and more linear progressionm. Solo/group content is very well divided. Commonlands. It's huddled together and its very hard to find the good solo spots when you cant find a group.

Nektulos Verses Thundering Steppes is kinda similar. But the solo content in steppes/nektulos is even worse, Though managable. Now I can understand this is a group game. But throwing a few solo creatures out in the middle of a TON of double arrow up group creatures just doesnt work. Atm the content is confusing and kinda poorly layed out. ((But these are all things I expect and predict sony will fix. They just cant leave these zones like this. No one hunts in Nektulos unless they're doing Armor Quests. Because the zone is that poorly designed and needs its encountesr adjusted.

The experience penalty system is nuts. I am actually to the point where grouping scares me to death. Last night in 3 casual groups. I managed to wreack up 30% exp debt. And I only died once! It actually discourages casual grouping and usually forces players to stick with a few select players. This is of course IMO a very bad thing.

The game is great though, Immersive, beautiful. Great Quality sound. They just should have waited another 4-5 months and fixed it to be a better game.. I am deciding with a few friends (We have both) What we're gonna play in the mean time. (EQ 2 or WoW) Fortunately if we tire of one we can go back to the other.

Its saddens me really. I have such high hopes for EQ 2. I really hope they fix some of these problems.
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