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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Once you get past TS and Nek, you will go to Zek and Enchanted Lands, I'm currently lvl 31 warden, these two zones are awesome because there's a lot of easy to get to solo mobs here. I soloed for about 2 hours and got 2 yellows at 30, soloing lvl 32-34 mobs, it was great. Zek has a lot of solo mobs also, Zek is a little lower level though. EL has solo mobs that are lvl 37! So you can solo for a good while there. I've also taken note that you can get almost 2 yellows xp from just exploring. For example, there's a quest at docks in Zek that asks you to kill orcs till you find 10 notes,
it's pretty easy since you can practically solo it in less than 30min. Afterwards he gives you a quest to find certain landmarks, and when you visit each land mark, at least at lvl 30, the xp per discovery was about 3-5 blues, and there was about 11 discoveries. So that's 4x11= 44 blue = almost 50% xp. Then once you get back you get quest xp PLUS a reward so that's about a total of 50% xp right there. Same as in EL, except you get an AWESOME ring for doing an easy soloable quest. When you get higher, there are more solo mobs than other places, at lower levels it kinda pushes you to group basically because grouping at lower levels gives A LOT faster xp than at higher levels, and at higher lvls you go lfg for a long time sometimes, so I just solo for a while and get a good amount of xp.
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