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There are no rpms for the games,what I get is the rpm for Winex.You must

register for min 3 month for 15$.The issue is here that rpms are a lot

easier to install,you can use Wine and Winex,the rpm takes care of some

install and copyprotection probelms and at frankscorner there is even

a gameinstaller for winex.rpm only.

Installing from cvs is not easy at all but it worked for me.

Same with the games,SOF2 as an example I could not install with the

installer(there is a workaround now on transgaming) so I did a Win-install

and copied the game over the network on the linux-gamingPC.

Winex has a fake_win and also a registry the same I learnd to hate in those win-days.So if you copy a game from a win-installation you cant

patch it without hacking the registry.

Sometime you need a no-cdcrack to run a game.Stronghold as an


So I really like real linux-ports like Q3 or RTCW.

But if you want some extragames wine and winex is the solution

and you will learn a little about your linux-believe it.

Just try it out.

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