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Default Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb

The problem is that when playing Battlefield 1942 the mountains keep leaving trails of them selves over the water(Coral sea), and the graphics are just very messed up for the game.

another thing is that Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, alot of things in the game are colored in specs of Pink. and almost all my games in the begining of the game with the EA games cinematic and other things have a evry messed up graphics and choppy sound.

The version of the drivers i use is 66.93 WHQL certified, for windows XP .

Intel Celeron <-- CPU
60 Gb
2.2 ghz
512 mb
Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200 128mb graphics card
Intel Corpration Motherboard i845g Chipset

thats all i could get out.

and sorry i dont have screen shots but i will try to get some..
and i dont have Battlefield 1942 anymore, but im still wonderign why that happened.(it happened around a month ago when i had the game but CD broke)

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