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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Wow.. you have a pretty generic impression of mmorpg.
It's a generic genre. This year alone has seen clone after clone, with each one claiming to be innovative based on a bullet list of features that really effect nothing. Why do you think so many of them either died in the womb or were still born. We've entered an MMORPG craze but innovation and creativiy have yet to catch up with us.

They are about immersion

D3 check.

These games have storylines like Ninja's have rocket launchers. One of the basic subsets of a story is an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. The MMORPGs I've played lacked exposition [I was just thrust into the game with nary a thought or preperation]. They have no Climaxs and Resolutions since the games go on forever. They have some background history to flesh out the world, but that's not a story. History of Middle Earth [12 volume series detailing well...the History of Middle Earth from the fall of the elves to the Fourth Age and onward] does not have a storyline. It's simply backstory to flesh out the world. Lord of the Rings actually has a real honest to god story/plot. I think you simply butchered the technical meaning of the word storyline and misconstrued it as a bunch of words that seem to almost form a coherent paragraph. Not only that but MMORPGs could have meta-plots if they wanted to, Vampire the Masquerade [the tabletop game, not the pc one] did and it's a freaking storytelling source book. So that 'but they're non-linear games' crap doesn't fly with me. If Vampire could do it so could online rpgs. I'm not expecting shakespeare hear, but a little meta-plot wouldn't kill these guys.

And teamwork among players,
Great. Don't much care for that though. Also don't see what it has do with not being generic, since a crapload of games outside of ORPGs have that as well. It's like saying these games are not generic because they have swords.

Going around and slashing swords and summoning monsters is about as generic as me saying.
If the boot fits...

"FPS are just about running through hallways and killing creatures/people online or in single player"
With a genre name like First Person Shooter what do you expect? Tea Time with Marry Poppins aboard the Queen Mary? Besides most FPS games are exactly as your described [ya they take a spin here and there, but at the end of the day you CAN compare HL2, D3, and FC. Why? Because in essence they do the exact same thing]. So I'd have no problems with you generalizing the genre in such a way. The boot fits.
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