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Updated patches for ~2.5.51 for 1.0-4191 at

I've run a quick /timedemo four in q3a, worked alright, nothing beside that. First time in 2.5 with good drivers.

Some of the past comments about these patches sound like there may be problems with X hanging on exit.

Update --

Well, so far so good. Been running this for a few days playing some RTCW and everything seems alright.

A note for anyone trying to change to 2.5, you'll need a new modutils package (now module-init-tools) from

It's easiest to just install (/usr/local) module-init-tools (I'm using 0.9.3), cd /sbin and mkdir old ; mv *mod* old/ ; ln -s /usr/local/sbin/*mod* ./

Take care with the above, it's more of a general guideline (of what to move/look for) than a runnable command, I don't want you to lose something important that isn't part of modutils. :P

You'll also want to put the system modutils package on "hold" so future distro updates don't overwrite the new files.

Also, I had problems with 2.5.51 automatically loading the module, but modprobe/insmod nvidia.o worked. Debian has /etc/modules for loading modules on boot, so I just threw it in there.

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