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It should work. Especially when the competition does. And I don't care just for 3DMark99. To hell with MadOnion, or should I say FutureMark, whatever, 3DMark2002 is long overdue..

I'm talking about all these benchmarks. And it's only for some small little error detecting DirectX, or a memory bug, something easy to fix, something they broke with recent new drivers. A GeForce4 will easily render the 3D in 3DMark99, and the other benchmarks included.

Go ahead people, try something else, shoot me some more, if you think there can be no truth to what I am saying. Sh!t, perhaps I'll aim to make this thread the most controversial one in the history of the Benchmarks category. FUUUUC. AAHHHahahaaa! You fools. HHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEHEEEE! ARRRRHAHAHARRHRHRAHAAAA. Bahumbug!


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