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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

I've soloed all the way up to lvl 19 dwarf priest in WOW. I've talked to many 30-35 lvl players in the game that said they soloed up until those lvls and said the game was easy up until that point. Tends to get boring IMO, no one needs to group, so no one does. I've ran in to a few mobs when traveling that could have used a group to take down but in those couple of times I couldn't get anything together. I strarted on the crafting part of the game. Tailoring is pretty simple and I took on Herbalism and aside from going around and collecting planets, I haven't found a use for it. Thats at lvl 110. I also think there should be some pentaly for dieing, allbeit not as harsh as eq2s. I think a pentality would overall creat an atmosphere for more careful play. Community tends to be a bit on the childish side. Names like Pimpdaddy, Playboy, etc are frequent if thats any indication lol. Overall I feel like I'm playing a platformer with some mmo aspects.

EQ2 I have a lvl 27 half-elf ranger and a lvl 15 human mage. The game tends to lean more towards group play. I have soloed with my mage, grouped more with my Ranger. Like people said, the game is more work then wow but I believe in the end has more of a lasting appeal. The overall depth of eq2 is greater then wow in every catagory. Which for some is why it tends to be work. It's like the simulator of mmos, crafting takes work, battling named and group mobs takes work and more thought in who is going to fill your six slots for a group, etc, etc.

That being said, I think overall I enjoy eq2 system(crafting, grouping, fighting system), art style(wow is awsome too) and technical aspect(bump mapping, lighting etc) more but I'm still not sure what game I want to continue to play. WOW is just so polished, it runs so well. Fraps doesn't move off of 60fps(vsync enabled) with in game options maxed. EQ2 just feels unfinished and all though it more technically advanced the wow, it should run way better. It seems like no matter what options I play with, what company graphic card I try, it's just not going to tun good. When I solo with with mage, dropping spells on mobs the fps his 10-12, groups only lower, even on low settings. Really hampers gameplay. The sound feels really unfinished.

Ughh, decisions, decisions.....
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