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Default Re: GF2 GTS - will it work w/new motherboards?

Allmost all agp 3.0(.8 V) motherboards can use agp 2.0(1.5 V) cards, the geforce 2 supports the agp 2.0 standard(unless there was some 'special edition' for older motherboards using agp 1.0) so it so it shouldn't be a problem, the motherboard manual would probably tell you if the board supports 2.0 cards.

AGP 1.0 cards will not work though.

edit: hell, even the vanta and tnt2 had "AGP 4X/2X and AGP Texturing Support" according to nvidias legacy products page and might work, all though I'd be a bit nervous plugging one into a brand new motherboard. Geesh, just what kind of cards where using agp 1.0, riva 128?

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