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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I've soloed all the way up to lvl 19 dwarf priest in WOW. I've talked to many 30-35 lvl players in the game that said they soloed up until those lvls and said the game was easy up until that point. Tends to get boring IMO, no one needs to group, so no one does. I've ran in to a few mobs when traveling that could have used a group to take down but in those couple of times I couldn't get anything together. I strarted on the crafting part of the game. Tailoring is pretty simple and I took on Herbalism and aside from going around and collecting planets, I haven't found a use for it. Thats at lvl 110. I also think there should be some pentaly for dieing, allbeit not as harsh as eq2s. I think a pentality would overall creat an atmosphere for more careful play. Community tends to be a bit on the childish side. Names like Pimpdaddy, Playboy, etc are frequent if thats any indication lol. Overall I feel like I'm playing a platformer with some mmo aspects.
Wow. I'm blown away. You made it all the way to level 19 and you STILL don't know how to play the game. Since you obviously didn't bother reading the manual or asking other players, you shouldn't be surprised that you haven't found a use for your Herbalism skill - it's a GATHERING profession. Since you didn't take an associated CRAFTING profession (Alchemy or Enchanting in this case) you will find no use for herbalism, except to sell at the Auction House maybe. Level 110 is NOT high for herbalism.

The penalty for death was removed for several reasons. It was tested in Beta and found to be no fun. Remember, WoW tries to appeal to the CASUAL gamer, not the 24-7 powergaming freaks.

Any level 30-35 player who said he solo'd to his level is either lying, or spent his time grinding mobs and didn't do any quests. It is impossible (not difficult, impossible) to solo an instanced dungeon (the most rewarding dungeons), and most of the regular quests after level 15 involve taking on large groups of monsters or elite bosses. I'm level 34 now, and I haven't solo'd since my mid-teens. I group as much as I can, am active in my guild, and spend a lot of time interacting with other players.

Your comment about the community is ridiculous. Of course there are a few players who have stupid names, every MMORPG is like that. You forgot to mention that these people are in the VAST minority. I have only run into one or two of these players in my entire time playing WoW, and if I see them it's not at all difficult to /ignore them. Almost every player I've run into was very helpful, friendly, and mature.

"All the way up to 19" really made me laugh. The pace of leveling in the game is such that level 19 isn't difficult to achieve at all. I got my character to 19 in 3 days, and that was in 5-6 hour sessions.

You obviously know very little about the game or are being intentionally dishonest. Absolutely nothing you said is representative of the game in any way. Either you haven't played the game at all and are making it all up, or you have played the game and are so blatantly absent-minded that you failed to understand even the most basic requisites of gameplay. No matter which it is, you are not at all in any position to be commenting on the game. This is not "fanboy-ism" on my part - what you said is completely ridiculous. It's not at all different from saying this:

"I've played all the way to the 3rd level in Half-Life 2, and so far I'm pretty disappointed. I've talked to people who played all the way to the 5th level and they say that the game's really boring and easy. I've only run into a few enemies that even require guns to shoot, I can kill almost everything with just my crowbar. The gravity gun is OK I guess but I don't see the point in picking up boxes and throwing them around. I mean, since you can't use large objects as a shield or sharp objects as weapons, what's the point? I got the boat, but I can't figure out what to do with it. I've been pushing it all the way through the level but the level's just too big to keep pushing the darn thing! If you could actually drive it it'd be better. Overall, this game just feels like a realtime strategy with some racing sim elements. I'd rather be playing Doom 3."
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