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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Well, considering I have the games, this is a open forum, the thread title is" World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2", played both of the games, have some time invested in both games, I'm quit in titled to give my comments on both of these games, reguardless if it hurts your little feelings.
Wow, what a stupid response. My feelings on the matter have nothing to do with it - your comments were off base and indicative of the fact that you don't have a clue how to play the game, much less any authority to talk about it. Apparently you missed the point, but that doesn't surprise me.
Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
The problem is you're a complete fanboy who hasn't played both and has no opinionated comparison on both games. I't ok, your stock in Blizzard isn't going to drop because I gave my .02$ on an open forum. Stick to your biased prefessional site reviews, that have a night of playing justifying their scores and you'll feel better.
No, I played both games and I like the Blizzard one better. I stated my reasons why already, I don't feel the need to repeat myself. It's not at all "fanboyish" of me to point out gigantic flaws in your post, because you were misrepresenting the game. For example, if I were to say, "Everquest 2 is a First-Person Shooter with Platform Elements", I would be misrepresenting Everquest 2. Now, if I were to say, "When I play Everquest 2 it looks like someone who ate a lot of spinach took a dump on my screen", or "The character models in Everquest 2 look like they were created by an autistic 5-year old", I would be stating my opinion of the game which of course is valid. If you were to say, "I don't like the cartoony graphics of WoW," or "I don't like playing games that are good, so I don't like WoW" it would be fine. But what you posted was just plain retarded, and I felt that I should point that out for those who have not played the game yet.
Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
If it will make you feel any better and stop the temper tantrum. Depending on if EQ2s huge patch release this week(supposly) doesn't fix performance issues I'm going to stick with wow until those fixes are fixed. Tissue?
The only thing I have to cry about is the slight possibility that I'll have to interact with you in the game someday. I'd prefer if you didn't crap up the WoW servers, there's enough stupid noobs running around saying "WH4T D00 1 D00 W1TH TH1S SW0RD!!11!! OMGZ LOLZ KTHXBYE". But then again you probably haven't figured out how to use the chat function yet so I suppose I'm good in that regard. Go to hell?

Originally Posted by killashin
it is not impossible to solo to that level, you can infact solo all the way to cap via questing if you wish.
And I didn't say that I was. I said it was impossible to solo an INSTANCED DUNGEON.
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