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Default N-Bench 3 runs like total crap at times

I just installed N-Bench 3, AMD's new benchmark utility for your CPU and graphics. In the demo mode, it either goes really smooth or really slow.
During most of the ninja demo, it's fine, except for when the spikes fly out, then it's really slow. During the car demo, it is really slow when the cars are on screen, but fine when they're not. Finally, in the space demo, it goes really slow when viewing from space, but fine when inside the large ship.
Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using the 71.20 Extreme-G's.

N-Bench 3.

Edit: Also, I'm not using AA or AF, I've tried running it at lower resolutions and disabling sound, but they don't help much. I think this might be because of my slow ram, but these parts run well under 10 FPS, that's rediculous.
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