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Default Re: Dx9 v Dx7 .. how do I tell the difference

Probably an error. Those boards pretty much follow the reference design.

Check the picture I've made: the card on top is a FX5200 with a 64 bit bus, the other has a 128bit bus: notice how memory is arranged. There might be another explanation for what is written on MSI site. Some vendors produce two models of the same card: one with half-height PCB and 64 bit bus and the other with a full height PCB, 128 Bit bus and twice the memory.

The first type of cards usually find their way in dirty cheap pre-assembled PCs while the latter are usually reserved for the retail market, although many shops are likely to sell the 64bit OEM model at full retail price!

There is another way to tell if the card has a 128 bit bus: test it with 3dMark 2001: a FX5200/5500 with 128Mbit bus should exceed 7000 points on a 2GHz+ PC.
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