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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

the "blit" settings in RivaTuner seemed to do the trick for me..
RivaTuner/ForceWare/DX logo/ Blitting tab.
enable the 2 top of the 3 settings..

Originally Posted by Chippy
400 Points? Pah.

I have lost 4000 points. I used to be able to run my 6800GT at 440/1100 and now I have to drop it down to 410/1100 to stop the stuttering.

This - and today finding out that the borked video processor is not fixed and never will be - makes me very very near to switching to ATI.

A sad time indeed.

hehe yeah, nVidia sure screwed you over by not making their hardware capable of running top notch at 90mhz above spec...
I mean what times are these? when people can sell things that wont work way out of intended specs? its all going to hell I tells you..

The VPU is a bummer tho.
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