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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Originally Posted by jolle
I mean what times are these? when people can sell things that wont work way out of intended specs? its all going to hell I tells you..
Rather short sighted view that, Jolle.

You make no allowance for the fact that manufacturers specs are the *minimum* level of performance that the kit is supposed to deliver. Not the *average*. When they say a card's spec is 400MHz, they are not saying some will do 380 and others 420. They are saying they will *all* do 400.

In making a spec like that, they have to allow for some really crappy environments that their kit will have to work in too. Poor PSU's, overheating badly ventilated cases and bad drivers.

Isn't it reasonable that if you are an enthusiast, and you have really good environment for your kit to work in - rock solid power supply, great cooling etc etc - that the kit should actually do a bit better than "spec"? Isn't that what "coolbits" is all about.

What irritates me most is not that my card will "only" do 410MHz. Clearly that's not too bad and I have no grounds for complaint about that. What's *irritating* is that I know it will do so much more. 440MHz is no problem for this card with my other components. But because of a BUG that no-one at BFG or nVidia is prepared to investigate, the performance is compromised.

Its irritating, thats all.

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