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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Originally Posted by Chippy
What irritates me most is not that my card will "only" do 410MHz. Clearly that's not too bad and I have no grounds for complaint about that. What's *irritating* is that I know it will do so much more. 440MHz is no problem for this card with my other components. But because of a BUG that no-one at BFG or nVidia is prepared to investigate, the performance is compromised.
Its irritating, thats all.
Its not a bug, and 440 probably IS a "problem" for that card, regardless of heat or PSU. While the GT might be the same chip as the Ultra, the Ultra has two molex connectors for a reason; it allows the GPU to run stable at speeds above 400, which many GTs won't do for very long. Even when people get their GT to run higher than 410, they soon have to underclock it because the GPU gets damaged. This happens even if you up the voltage, just ask around or use the search function.

So if yours is running stable at 410, you've got a good overclock for a GT. If you want to go higher, you should probably buy an Ultra.
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