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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

OVERclocking, IE going past the given specs, is always a gamble.
Its become more comon, safer and there are alot more tools to help you do it, such as better cooling, cleaner more stable power, failsafes that will shutdown at overheating, Autoreseting BIOSes etc.
Even so, you take the card out of spec at your own risk, and it IS a risk in doing so.
It may not function as intended, signal integrity weakens without raising the Vcore which creates stability issues as errors occur, and raising the voltage adds heat, that will have to be disipated faster then it can generate or the hardware will eventually fail.
OCing is increased stress which may shorten the life of the hardware, as some Voltmodders have experienced at great monetary loss.

There is always a Disclaimer involved with OCing.
Still, there is often some overhead in most hardware these days, if there werent, the varying quality of the GPUs would lead to alot of failures to run at the guaranteed stock speed in alot of cases, and yields would be lower.
But simply assuming that a 350Mhz Core will run just fine at 440Mhz (almost 25% faster) and that its weak if it doesnt, is a bit strong, even with all the special treatment you give it..
400Mhz, which is alot, is something alot of people can get up to with the right cooling, the level of the Ultra, and that is quite a increase really.
Still, some of the GT GPUs might be GTs due to the fact they didnt qualify at the speeds of the Ultra.
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