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Default Re: Dx9 v Dx7 .. how do I tell the difference

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Ya.. I buy 10 dollar keyboards. Use them for a year.. and then throw them a way. They arent worth the hassle of cleaning..
I built my computer around Christmas time last year

My dad asks about on the 23rd or so what I was doing for a keyboard and mouse. My responce? "Oh buying some cheap ones for 5 bucks each. Keyboards and mice are so rediculously cheap if you buy them at a surplus store"

On the 25th I open up a 80 buck wireless Microsoft Delux keyboard and mouse wireless set. From my dad. His responce? "I can tell you one thing, that sure as hell wasn't 10 bucks"

Getting cheap keyboards is always fun, but I love this thing more than any cheapo set can ever get me. When it comes time to clean it, even an entire day's worth of hassle is worth it

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