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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Originally Posted by smthmlk
Wait, you upgraded from a 32bit Athlon XP chip to a 64bit athlon64 winchester and LOST points in a benchmark? Something doesn't seem right to me, considering every gaming benchmark ive read at the various hardware review sites shows any amd64 chip blowing away the xp3200... Correct me if im wrong, though
i didnt lose performance because my cpu is slower... my a64 is way faster than my old tbred..... but its the fact that i cant run the same clocks on the card anyone that causes me to lose performance....and the fact that it keeps stuttering....

now as for my old mobo..... ya it had all those options on like fastwrites, sideband addresing, etc.... it was an asus A7N8X rev 2 worked perfectly fine... never had one problem..... with the my neo2 platinum... lots of problems... and yes i have the latest drivers for both mobo/gfx.... and games like farcry keep stuttering and cs:s keeps locking up
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