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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

I went thru hell and fire with my Neo Platinum (s745) aswell.
Seems to have stabilized alot, got alot of BSODs and stuff when shutting some games down, like CS:S or BF, before...

I think my problems were largly related to the Extreme G drivers, but not entirely.
Moving from ForceWares Refreshrate overrides to Reforce seemed to stabilze things further.
And the few remaining issues I blame my old TwinMOS 333Mhz Ram on, until I get the cash to by new RAM and se if they remain or not.

Aside from that, I also checked the "blit" settings in RivaTuner as prev mentioned, which transformed D3 from disaster to extremely playable.
Swapped out and tried different nForce drivers, I was given the advice to NOT use Nvs SW IDE driver, which did seem to help stability too.
Turned off Fastwrites in a early stage so I dont know if it helped, still had alot of problems after doing so.
Also removed the A64 DEP support in boot.ini as some mentioned it to conflict with the drivers, not sure on if that did anything tho, but seeing how my AntiVirus software doesnt support DEP it seemed like I had nothing to loose.

So as it stands right now, it works, its pretty stable and I rarly get any BSODs.
But they still happen, rare as they may be, so Im guessing its either RAM or PSU, and the PSU is 480W but on the otherhand rather noname, so I cant entirly rule it out.
It did however work perfecty fine on my old setup, which is identical except for the 9700Pro, XP2700+, Asus A7n8x Deluxe.
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