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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Would the person who *Banned* me - presumably for saying "Arse" - please like to step forward, so I know who to complain to?

Thank you.


EDIT: And on the subject matter of this thread specifically....

I didn't bother to Argue with Saturnotaku, since he was rude enough to call me dumb. A more succinct response was appropriate for him I think.

But to the others of you who argued more constructively:

I accept that some people have different points of view. Overclocking is a complete sin and no-no to some, a mild risk to others and a necessity to a hardcore few. Yes, there are risks. But it up to each person what risks they want to take. And the risk also depends on the equipment involved, the voltages, temperatures etc.

To say ALL overclocking is bad is not a view I subscribe to. Look at the countless people enjoying excellent overclocks with the Athlon XP mobiles, or with the new Athlon 64 Winchester chips. 25% or 30% or more overclocks are commonplace.

To those of you who said perhaps I have damaged my videocard by overclocking: I *know* that is incorrect. (Well so far at least!). I can put it into my Athlon XP rig right now and run it at 440MHz, no problem at all.

Yet I put it into my Athlon 64 system and it won't do more than 410MHz.

This isn't a complaint. I even said so in my penultimate post above, if anyone actually read it.

But it *is* evidence that something in the GF6800 & Athlon64 combination is not working quite as well as it might. Its not really a big deal for me, but I like to know that my computers are working perfectly and if there's some hidden bug somewhere, it intrigues me as to what it might be.

Others are less lucky. Some can't even get their GF6800's to run at stock and still suffer from the same "problem" as me; i.e. the "stuttering" problem.

Does that mean my "problem" is less valid than theirs? No. Its the same problem and both I - and those who experience it without overclocking - would like to see it fixed.

What is so wrong with that?

And *banning* me for saying "Arse"? Now come on! No warning, no PM, no slap on the wrist. Nothing, just a ban? After 300+ posts from me without incident? Really guys that is too much.

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